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The Roberto Marinho Foundation supports and participates in initiatives by institutions focused on education, including Todos pela Educação (Education for All), Conviva Educação (Live with Education), Prêmio Gestão Escolar (the School Administration Award), Prêmio Educador Nota 10 (the Grade A Educator Award), GIFE (the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Businesses) and the Network for Sustainable Development Solutions.

Todos Pela Educação (Education for All)
The Roberto Marinho Foundation is part of the Education for All movement, whose mission is to guarantee quality education for all children and young people in Brazil by 2022, the country’s bicentennial. The initiative brings together representatives from a range of sectors, including public policymakers, educators, businesspeople and community organizations committed to quality education. Education for All strives to achieve the following five goals: all children and young people between the ages of seven and fourteen will be enrolled in school, all children will be reading and writing by the age of eight, every student will have access to age-appropriate learning, all students will graduate from high school by the age of 19, investment in education will increase and be well managed.

Conviva Educação (Live with Education)
Live with Education is a virtual bulletin board that supports municipal secretariats of education. It was created by the National Union of School Administrators (UNDIME) in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the National Council of Secretariats of Education (CONSED) and civil society organizations, including the Roberto Marinho Foundation. The virtual bulletin board gives administrators access to information, guidance and tools to share knowledge and to plan administrative support processes. The tool enables them to more efficiently implement administrative processes so they can spend more time addressing issues related to teaching and learning.

Prêmio Gestão Escolar (The School Administration Award)
The School Administration Award, established by the National Council of Secretariats of Education (CONSED), aims to strengthen public school administration teams. The award encourages the school community to reflect on the processes and challenges of school administration. Several partner organizations, including the Roberto Marinho Foundation, support CONSED in this endeavor to improve education in Brazil.

Prêmio Educador Nota 10 (The Grade A Educator Award)
The Grade A Educator Award honors early childhood, elementary and junior high school teachers and administrators throughout Brazil. The Roberto Marinho Foundation is a partner of the award which was established by the Victor Civita Foundation. Approximately 3,000 educators, including teachers and administrators, apply for the award annually. More than 180 educators have been honored in the award’s 17-year history. Winning submissions present simple and efficient solutions that demonstrate that the institution values learning and recognizes the importance of keeping children and young people enrolled in quality schools.

GIFE (The Group of Institutes, Foundations and Businesses)
The Roberto Marinho Foundation also is a member of the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Businesses, an organization of the main social investors in Brazil. The group was established in 1995 with the objective of promoting dialogue and discussion among its 130 members. The group also communicates the interests of its member sectors with the government and other networks. GIFE organizes conferences, courses and meetings on topics such as community organizing. GIFE also produces research, articles and publications that contribute to sustainable development in Brazil by strengthening the link between policymakers and member institutions, in addition to supporting private social investors.

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) is an initiative of the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon which aims to increase understanding about sustainable development in civil society organizations, and academic, public and private institutions. SDSN was established in Brazil in March, 2014 with a focus on Sustainable Cities: Inclusive, Resilient and Connected, to promote and raise awareness of urban solutions. SDSN Brazil is organized by Conservation International (CI Brazil), the Pereira Passos Institute (IPP)/the City of Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS), UFRJ and UFRRJ.

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