Multicurso is a training program for teachers which is based on working in small groups and forming cooperative learning networks of educators who meet both online and in person.

An online network provides a forum for Multicurso participants to engage in dialogue about education and daily issues at their schools, access lesson plans and classes, and interact with tutors. This virtual learning environment supports and connects the work of the educator study groups.

Multicurso can be implemented for a range of subjects and different types of schools at the primary and secondary level. Since 2010, the Multicurso high school mathematics course has been included in the Ministry of Education (MEC) guide to educational technology.

The results have been impressive. Between 2008 and 2013, in the state of Espirito Santo, Multicurso Math was credited with a rise in student math scores on the International Program for Student Assessment. Math scores on the test jumped from 397.3 in 2009 to 414 in 2012, putting the state third in the national ranking.

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"Multicurso Água Boa", an initiative of the Roberto Marinho Foundation, is part of the program


State of Espírito Santo
State Secretary of Education of Espírito Santo