The Museum of the Portuguese Language

The Museum of the Portuguese Language, which opened in 2006, is the first museum in the world entirely devoted to a language, a country’s greatest element of intangible heritage. The museum also stands out as the first in the country to feature a unique blend of technology and education. The Museum was destroyed by a fire in December 2015 and is being rebuilt

Visitors to the Museum of the Portuguese Language would take a sensory journey as they discover new aspects of the language, with its deep connections to the country’s culture.

The museum was developed and established by the Roberto Marinho Foundation in partnership with the State of São Paulo. Innovative interactive exhibitions with audiovisual elements allow visitors to become immersed in the Portuguese language through exploration of the history of the language with its regional differences and cultural diversity, and Brazilian literature.

Located in the heart of São Paulo, the largest Portuguese speaking city in the world, the museum is in the historic Estação da Luz train station, where immigrants from all over the world arrived, with their many languages and accents.

Architects Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Pedro Mendes da Rocha planned the restoration of the English style building, which dates to the early 20th century.

Parceiros na reconstrução