Qualify (Qualifica)

Qualify provides initial and continuing professional training to promote the inclusion of young people and adults in the world of word. It offers them a chance to develop the skills necessary for employment, with a humanist perspective that values entrepreneurship and ethics.

Qualify can be implemented within a school program or independently. It helps fulfill objective number 10 of the National Education Plan, which mandates that at least 25% of students in the Youth and Adult Education program (EJA, by its Portuguese acronym) receive job training.

The program was first implemented in conjunction with Telecurso in 2013, with 17,000 young people participating in Telecurso Autonomia, in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat of Education. In 2014, 1,300 students in the EJA program in the state of Ceará participated in the Qualify program in partnership with the State Secretariat of Education.

Career training provided by Qualify helps companies implement their social responsibility plans. For example, the partnership between the Concessionária Porto Novo and the Company for Urban Development of the Port Area Rio de Janeiro (CDURP, by its Portuguese acronym), offers training to youth and adult residents of the port area of Rio de Janeiro.

The courses are based on research on current demands of the job market and are aligned with the Brazilian Classification of Occupation guidelines. The program employs the teaching methods used in Telecurso’s Telessala program, which target a range of learning styles and aim to develop well-rounded citizens who can be innovative members of the workforce.