Correção Idade/Ano e Projeto Complementar

Telecurso is an educational technology, recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) and adopted as a public policy, that assists students who were unable to complete their primary and/or secondary education at the age that they were supposed to. The project entitled Youth and Adult Education (EJA) is a complementary education project to teach Portuguese Language and Math to all ages; it is also used an alternative to regular education for students who live in very sparsely populated regions or in remote areas.

The Telecurso methodology has been implemented in classrooms across Brazil, in partnership with the State Departments of Education and other institutions. Public school teachers participate in continuous education provided by the teams of the Roberto Marinho Foundation. The classes use the Telecurso books, Tele-classes and teaching materials that have been custom-made for each educational system.

Since 1995, more than 70,000 teachers have been trained and 1.6 million students have completed their elementary and secondary education through Telecurso.

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