Educação Profissional

The Aprendiz Legal apprenticeship program offers young people the opportunity to experience their first formal employment while completing their basic education. The program supports the implementation of the Apprenticeship Statute (10.097/2000), a law which mandates that medium-sized and large companies must allocate between 5% and 15% of their employment opportunities to persons between the ages of 14 and 24, in the capacity of apprentice. This legislation also helps to reduce child labor and school drop-out rates, as youth are only able to participate while enrolled in school. Companies benefit by having the opportunity to learn from young people and training future professionals who are aligned with their corporate culture.

Qualifica provides vocational training for young people and adults to prepare them for employment. The courses are based on the Brazilian Classification of Occupations (CBO) guidelines. Implemented as part of Youth and Adult Education (EJA), these courses contribute to achieving Goal 10 of the National Education Plan (PNE): to provide vocational training to at least 25% of the students. Qualifica can also be combined with the regular education curriculum, as part of learning cluster 5 (technical and vocational training), which is part of the new high school curriculum; its diversity greatly enriches the elementary and high school curriculum; and Qualifica can be integrated into the comprehensive after-hours or adult education curriculum.

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