Regina Casé discusses the program
‘What Tree is this?’ at the Rio Content Market

Published at: 5/03/2015

TV hostess and actress Regina Casé and director Estevão Ciavatta took part in a panel discussion entitled “15 Years of ‘What Tree is this?’” at the Rio Content Market, one of the most important audiovisual marketing events in the world. Ms. Casé and Mr. Ciavatta, the creators of the program produced by Pindorama Filmes, participated in a chat moderated by João Alegria, deputy manager of Futura.

Ms. Casé explained the purpose of the program musing, “A chicken that has a name won’t become a soup ingredient. I think that if people knew more about the forest, they wouldn’t see wood simply as furniture and would think twice before cutting down a tree.” She and Mr. Ciavatta spoke about the history and challenges of the series, which has become a multi-faceted product. It is not only broadcast on TV and the Internet, but has been released on DVD and inspired a series of books.


Estevao Ciavatta, Regina Casé e João Alegria participam de debate. Crédito: Fabiano Cafure
Estevao Ciavatta, Regina Casé e João Alegria at the panel discussion. Photo: Fabiano Cafure

The pioneering role played by Futura and Pindorama Filmes in co-producing “What Tree is this?” in 2000 was highlighted in the chat. This novel type of programming was later adopted by the Brazilian audiovisual market. “The program demonstrates Futura’s forte in creating content in partnership with independent Brazilian producers. Their ability to take contributions from creators, directors and writers from the four corners of Brazil and transform them into entertainment and stories is evidence the channel’s commitment to education and community organizing. ‘What Tree is this?’ is a prime example of the Futura model,” João Alegria pointed out.