The Young Scientist Award

Since 1981, the Young Scientist Award has encouraged and supported young researchers in their search for innovative solutions to the country’s problems. It has been recognized as one of the most important science awards in Brazil.

Each edition of the Young Scientist Award focuses on a topic relevant to society, such as “food and nutritional security”. Other topics have included “energy and the environment”, “sustainable cities”, “water: challenges for society”, and “technological innovation in sports”.

The award is granted to four categories: high school, undergraduate and graduate students, and institutional merit (for schools or research institutions with the greatest number of research projects submitted). Information sessions are held at schools across the country to encourage and guide students and teachers. In addition, online channels for collaboration and teacher resources support the development of scientific research.

The Young Scientist Award is an initiative of the National Council for Scientific Development and Technology (CNPq, by its Portuguese acronym) in partnership with the Roberto Marinho Foundation, with sponsorship from Fundação Grupo Boticário de Proteção à Natureza e Banco do Brasil.


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