What abuse is this?

The program “What Abuse is this?” was developed through a technical partnership between the Futura Channel and the non-governmental organization Childhood Brazil. It uses puppets, who discuss the most serious violations of children’s and adolescents’ rights, to address sexual violence against children and youth in a lighthearted tone.

“What Abuse is this?” is one of a series of programs created by Futura and the Vale Foundation that address human rights. “What Job is this?” addresses slave labor, “What Exploitation is this?” looks at sexual exploitation of children, and “What Right is this?” deals with race-based discrimination and workplace harassment.
The series is the result of collaboration with leading institutions in the respective fields. They contributed input about what should be covered, how to approach subject matter and how to deal with situations of violence against children and adolescents in a positive way that will lead to solutions.

These programs go beyond the screen of the Futura Channel. They spark debates, both virtual and in person, as well as serve as a foundation for trainings in the field of child and adolescent rights. The “What Abuse is this?” series will be used for education and outreach in the Vale Foundation’s campaign against child sexual abuse, “Proteger é Preciso” (Protection is Necessary), which is implemented in the states where Vale does business.

The series are the result of extensive research and community initiatives. The content for “What Abuse is this?” was developed during meetings with 55 organizations in a network for protection of children and adolescents in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Pernambuco. “What Abuse is this?” and “What Exploitation is this?” are part of the “Growing up without Violence” program.

The series “What Exploitation is this?” is also shown off the air in the field, as a teaching tool. It takes a novel approach to the problem of child and youth sexual exploitation which affects millions children around the world. Thirty NGOs and leading institutions, such as WCF Brazil, the Casa de Passagem in Pernambuco, and the NGO Lua Nova in São Paulo, as well as young survivors of abuse, were involved in the development of the program.

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