Museu de Arte do Rio

The Museu de Arte do Rio – MAR is devoted to art and visual culture. While the city of Rio de Janeiro is a source of inspiration, the concept extends beyond the city. MAR strives to foster lively, creative dialogue about topics that cut across Brazil and the world. The museum’s mission includes blending art with education at the Escola do Olhar. It broadens access to the visual arts by offering ongoing training to public school teachers and organizing activities for their students.

The museum’s collection features a wide range of art forms from visual art, to architecture, urban design, anthropology, social history, iconography, design and much more. MAR is continuing Rio de Janeiro’s tradition of art collecting. The museum will exhibit not only its own collection, made up of acquisitions and donations, but also important public and private collections.

The museum, located in Praça Mauá, was the first construction of Porto Maravilha, the city’s port renovation project. The museum occupies two buildings from the early 20th century. One, an eclectic style mansion on the historic register, houses the exhibition space. Next door, the school is located in a modernist style building designed by the Rio-based architects Bernardes + Jacobsen. The two buildings are linked by a concrete rooftop terrace with a wavy roof, and a ramp that takes visitors to the exhibition space.

In 2014, the museum won the Architizer A+ Awards in the museum category by popular vote. Also in 2014, the MAR became the first museum to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, in the silver category, for sustainable practices. Universal accessibility to all physical spaces and content, is a premise of the museum.

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