Research and Evaluation

To ensure ongoing analysis of results, evaluation is performed during the planning, development and implementation of all endeavors of the Roberto Marinho Foundation.

Evaluations that generate relevant information about the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of projects and programs are necessary for proper management of private funding in the public interest.

The foundation’s research and evaluation department strives to improve evaluation processes, and often seeks input from directors of other areas. The department not only monitors program and projects, but also performs quantitative and qualitative research.

In-house seminars to discuss the results of the foundation’s work as well as participation in national and international evaluation events support evaluation efforts.

Since 2011, the foundation has organized an annual international seminar for evaluation of private social investment in partnership with the Itaú Foundation and the Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal Foundation. With participation of leading authorities from international institutions and publication of the seminars’ outcomes, they are a source for information and spark ongoing discussion about the topic.

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