The Roberto Marinho Foundation develops projects aimed at basic education and the solution of educational problems that impact national assessments, such as age-grade distortion, school dropout, and learning lag . It acts in education solutions, focusing on flow correction and complementary project, and on the inclusion of young people in the work world.

Its programs act in an integrated way with other actions related to the 10 competencies of the National Curricular Joint Base (BNCC), aiming to contribute to a more ethical, inclusive, sustainable and solidary society.


About the Roberto Marinho Foundation

The Roberto Marinho Foundation believes in communication and innovation as allies to promote integrated education and quality. Their initiatives are aimed at those who have been or are falling behind in the educational process.

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  • of 70 thousand educators trained in different states of Brazil
  • of 1,6mm of students have completed primary and secondary education through telecourse
  • of 115 thousand apprentices in progress

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